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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a dramatic decline in bankruptcy activity this year, as federal stimulus, near-zero interest rates, and market changes have combined to push new consumer filings to historic lows. Are you still relying on shared leads, winging it at marketing with generalist marketing agencies who are learning how to market your bankruptcy practice on your dime? We’ve helped bankruptcy firms not just survive but thrive with over 50%  growth during the pandemic by getting their internet marketing right. Want to see how we do it? Download The Ultimate Marketing Checklist for Bankruptcy Firms to get started.

Our Process


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Web Design

Fast and Mobile-Friendly Our package includes a perfect website, fast and responsive, free of glitches, broken links, or any errors that will hinder your rankings. We add strategic landing pages for each one of your services and cities where you provide services.


Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Google and Facebook We know the buyer intent keywords vs. the information keywords, and we put them work to maximize conversions and bring more clients to your firm fast! Includes retargeting, to bring potential clients back to your website.


#3 Local Search Engine Optimization

We Make Your Website Rank This is by far the best strategy you can use on your own website, but it takes time to achieve good rankings. Having your website showing on the top of Google is hands down the most effective way to capture leads organically.


Bankruptcy Marketing

#4 Reputation Monitoring and Marketing

Reviews, Newsletters & More How many reviews do you have online? Do they reflect the real level of your services? We can help you to improve your reputation and get more reviews! Also, we can improve your PPC campaigns results with our retargeting system.


#5 Market Dominance

The Complete Marketing Package Our most successful clients utilize an entire system that in addition to the above includes: Social Media Organic SEO Digital Lead Funnels Lead Nurturance Reporting & Analytics

We're Not Just A Law Firm Marketing Agency. We're A Bankruptcy Law Firm High-Quality Lead Generation Machine

What You Can Expect From Us

High-value Lead Generation

We have the precise keywords people in need of bankruptcy filings search for. We also know how to segment and categorize keywords into buyer cycles so that we can target the right customer at the right time for the right price per click. 

Cost-Effective Campaigns

We are highly focused and very specific to the bankruptcy vertical, which means we make the best use of your budget, driving high-value leads while weeding out waste. We use advanced Google Ads structures and strategies to maximize conversions so you pay the lowest cost per lead. 

Custom Performance Estimate

Based on your monthly budget, your desired location targeting, our experience, and Google’s traffic estimate tool, we are able to project how many leads we can drive to your business via phone call or online form submission before you spend a dime. 

Real-Time Results

Although we know what works, we don’t just set and forget campaigns, nor do we believe in cookie-cutter solutions. We track in real-time, testing, changing, and adapting to make sure your ads are optimized at all times. And, most importantly, you get to monitor your campaign’s progress so you know how well they are performing.

Conversion Focused Landing Page

We update our conversion proven Smart Leads landing page template which is designed specifically for bankruptcy paid search traffic and tailored to the ads running in your account.

Online Event And Phone Call Tracking

We measure the number and quality of leads received through your Google Ads account so we can understand which keywords are resulting in leads and conversions to maximize your ROI.

Unrivaled Experience and Expertise at Your Fingertips.

Bankruptcy PPC is strategic and highly focused because we care about your goals and priorities. We market your firm as though marketing for ourselves. Unlike other general “digital marketing for attorneys” agencies, we only work with bankruptcy attorneys and we only work with one Bankruptcy Firm per market. Bankruptcy PPC is an exclusive paid media agency that requires no long-term contracts, which gives you greater control and flexibility over your marketing budget. 

Our Promise

 We will always do what we say

 We will always provide honesty and transparency in communication and reporting;

We will never work for our client’s direct competition

We will always strive to better our best

We will always give back to our communities

We will always hold ourselves accountable for creating and maintaining a healthy work environment and team/client relationships

We will always be considerate, understanding and fair to our team and clients

We will always do the right thing even when no one is looking

The Bankruptcy Law Firm Digital Dominance System is the culmination of 5 years of our team of experts working with Bankruptcy Law Firms to help them generate continuous, qualified leads with a holistic digital marketing approach.

We have integrated these techniques into what we call the “The Bankruptcy Law Firm Digital Dominance System”, a comprehensive system that creates an online omnipresence for your law firm.

Bankruptcy PPC Digital Dominance

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