Bankruptcy Law Marketing

Our Goal

To help reputable bankruptcy firms double their annual revenue by using advanced data driven  marketing strategies and personally help abolish $5M in medical debt for families across America all by 2025.

We Are Experts!

Bankruptcy PPC is a Google Premier Partner. Our team is comprised of Google Ads certified experts who eat, sleep, and breathe Google Ads Lead Generation. Our team has over 35 years of combined experience running successful Ad campaigns for businesses around the globe, including Bankruptcy Attorneys, and managing over $2 million a month in ad spend.

We serve bankruptcy firms exclusively because we’ve gathered all the data and experience needed to run successful campaigns like clock-work for them. We know how to build the perfect lead capture and client acquisition system for bankruptcy firms. 

We Are Contributors!

Medical debt contributes to more than 60 percent of all bankruptcies in the USA.  We are conscious of the social and economic affect of recent events and we are driven by the belief that our services and those of bankruptcy attorneys who care are contributing to the positive initiative of moving our communities forward toward economic recovery.

A portion of our revenue automatically goes to help relieve medical debt for some 79,000,000  households whose income is less than two times the federal poverty level. These are Americans who have to choose between paying their medical bills and basic necessities like food and shelter each month.

Exclusive and Select!

As long as you’re our client your target market is locked in and no other firm may acquire our service unless ( but not likely) you decide to cancel with us or no longer target that market. Yes. This makes your leads super exclusive. While most legal digital marketing agencies will take anyone who is willing to pay the retainer, we find it a bit unethical (or at least a conflict of interest) to manage your competitor’s ads alongside yours. We can’t strive to help you dominate your competition while also helping your competition dominate you. Being your outsourced marketing agency means being exclusively your agency partner in your market. That’s why we are select about who we get in bed with. Check availability in your market now.

No Contracts.

We hold ourselves accountable for retaining our clients. We all know that retaining a client is not always easy even if your interest is in the best interest of your client. However, we believe that retaining a client is mostly predicated on acquiring a client that is positioned to succeed with our services, and who is the right fit for our agency. Therefore, we only partner with firms and attorneys who are reputable (as evidenced by reviews and testimonials), who have other digital marketing strategies in place, who understand the value of paid advertising, and who can understand that most new campaigns regardless of their potential to double ROI, will still take time to reach optimal performance. If we don’t think we can drive leads to your firm to result in a positive ROI after an initial consultation, where we’ll go over the numbers as they relate to volume in your market, budget, and a number of other factors, we will be upfront and honest about those findings and do what we can to point you in the right direction.