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38 Point Landing page checklist for bankruptcy leads

Think your landing pages are good enough? Think again! If you’re running PPC ads and sending traffic to your website, STOP! If you have¬† PPC landing pages but haven’t changed them since the initial designs went live, you’re definitely leaving potential profits on the table. And while you’re just getting by, your competitors are running tests and figuring out ways to improve, enhance, and build trust with clients that could have been yours.


So, learn how you can improve your landing pages to gain an advantage over your competitors. In this free checklist, we will talk about:

  • Does your Landing Page have some kind of urgency or scarcity?
  • Is the text easy to read?
  • Does the form and call option stand out?
  • Is it clear what you want the reader to do
  • Does the thank you page sell the next steps for the client to take?
  • & much more!

Get the 38 Point Landing page checklist for bankruptcy leads today And Get A Free Template!

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